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Laying the Groundwork: Prepare for success

Steps for success from Sally Dhillon, cofounder of Career Mums

Sally Dhillon, cofounder of Career Mums shares her top tips for ensuring a successful job search. Whether you're looking to return to work or make a change by moving roles, here are her steps for success.

Sally advises on an Eight-Point Preparation Plan combined with a Personal Commitment Contract.

Watch the webinar to see more detail on the Eight-Point Plan which covers the following steps:

1. Job Search Outcomes 2. Positive mindset 3. Preparation time 4. Resources 5. Network 6. Skills refresh 7. Cheerleader squad 8. Self-care & rewards

The Personal Commitment Plan is an important element to ensure your commitment to making the change in your life that your looking for. Sally advises that you:

  • Treat your Job Search as a Temporary Job Contract

  • Write up your Preparation Plan (use our pdf)

  • Commit to putting in the job search work

  • Show up as your professional self

  • Focus regularly on your outcomes

  • Be clear on what you are prepared to compromise on and review regularly

  • Trust that you will find your ideal role

Thank you Sally for such an insightful session! 

Watch the webinar above and find out more about working with Sally and Nisha by visiting Career Mums.

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