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Jo Norfolk of Career Café Coach provides advice on remaining resilient through the job search / interview process and also top tips for being prepared mentally and practically for interviews.

Navigating the emotional rollercoaster of job search

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With all the ups and downs of the recruitment process, from interviews to waiting times and handling rejections or non-responses, there is a need to remain resilient. But what is resilience?

Resilience is not:

  • Comparing ourselves to others

  • Needing to be perfect

  • Being afraid to share experiences good and bad

  • Numbing and powerlessness

  • Shutting ourselves off from vulnerability

Resilience is:

  • Reaching out for support

  • Growing and sharing experiences

  • Sitting with discomfort

  • Developing boundaries, integrity, generosity

  • Letting go of always being in control and the need to look cool, and letting be

Interview preparation

Spending time on interview preparation is crucial if you want to present yourself confidently and ensure success. So what can you do?

Know your Audience 

  • Research the company

  • Research the person interviewing you

  • Use Google, company websites, social media accounts and LinkedIn to do your research and get excited about the role

Anticipate Interview Questions

  • Take the job spec into the interview

  • Have an answer to the question “Tell me about yourself”

  • Make sure you know why you are interested in the role and company

  • Take bullet pointed notes to interview-Think about what type of role you are interviewing for and what would be important to the employer. Creativity? Organisation? Project Management?

  • Don’t be afraid to ask to come back to a question or say that you would like more time to research the point

  • Find some stats, percentages, quotas, targets that you can jot down and take with you

  • Prepare your own questions and make them unique and specific to the interviewer or company

Dress and Pack

  • Think about the type of company or organisation. What do they wear? Are they formal or informal?

  • Make sure you have additional copies of your CV and a list of references

  • Do a little pampering - whatever makes you feel confident

  • Have an interview bag ready to go (one less thing to think about!)

Get your head in the right place

  • Make sure you have your story straight and you have worked through any uncomfortable experiences

  • Prepare for a technical interview as soon as you can. Work through sample questions and get into a problem solving mindset

  • Remember the two-way process

  • Think of your interview as an opportunity for growth not a win/lose situation

  • Don’t worry about the other candidates

  • Stay in your lane

  • Get plenty of sleep!

About Jo

Jo Norfolk is the founder of Career Cafe Coach and a former recruiter with over 20 years of experience in the industry. After her maternity leave in 2017, she opted to make a career change and began coaching people wanting to make a positive change to their working lives. In 2018 Jo completed her Diploma in coaching and mentoring and continues to support people to gain the practical and emotional tools to job search effectively in today's working climate and help them see how change can happen - even when feeling pretty lost. She runs a Facebook support group, The Career Change Collective

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